The Descendants of The Sun -Romantic Korean Drama

The Descendants of the Sun

Winter Sotana

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The Descendants of The Sun -Romantic Korean Drama
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The Descendants of the Sun is a trendy romantic Korean drama, and it has been a huge success worldwide. The best actors, writer, and director of the time participated in the drama, and Korea and China jointly invested a lot of money. It was a drama that had been a hot topic from the production stage and had a high viewer rating from the first to the last broadcast.

I want you to discuss two points.

First, analyze the elements of Descendants of the Sun as a successful trendy Korean drama. Write down your opinions on various elements of the drama, including acting, setting, directing, filming, storyline, script, and music, etc.

Second, compare Winter Sonata, a hit drama aired in 2002, and Descendants of the Sun, which aired in 2016. You can compare the content elements of the two dramas and the contextual elements, such as the times’ situation of the 2000s and 2010s, the popularity of Korean dramas, and the drama viewing environment.

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