The Democratic National Committee: How Does a Political Party Attract Voters?

1. Select a political party. It may be one with which you are affiliated, or a party with which you have an interest in exploring the party platform and the issues and political agenda of the party.
Major Political Parties
The Democratic National Committee: How Does a Political Party Attract Voters? (To get the Hispanic Vote)

2. You are preparing a PowerPoint Briefing Presentation for a group of party activists. Your goal is to generate enthusiasm for attracting a key demographic group to the party. (Examples: the “Youth” vote, “Hispanic” vote, etc.).
3. Remember, a political party wants to reach out to new voters but must sustain their appeal to existing members of the party.
4. By evaluating the website for the party, you should be able to critically analyze whether it will appeal to your target voting segment. Prepare a PowerPoint Briefing of no fewer than fifteen slides and no more than 25 slides.
5. Review the instructions for the PowerPoint Briefing Assignment below.
Briefing Presentation PowerPoint Assignment – Rubric – 50 Points Total
How Does a Political Party Attract Voters?
Name, date, class, and professor’s name should be the first slide to keep assignments
organized. Assume the second slide is the opening to your power point presentation.
(This means that you are permitted a total of 21 slides, but only 20 slides have assignment
Minimum/Maximum Number of Slides in Presentation:
No fewer than 15, no more than 20. (With one additional slide for Name/Class Information –
making 21 Slides to submit). Slides are for major presentation points. You are not to simply
copy and paste information on to slides without editing the content for unnecessary words and
phrases. Additional information and footnotes belong at the bottom space provided below
each slide. Remember: Your task is NOT to summarize, but to take a position and make a case
for that position by fulfilling the elements of the assignment outlined below. Please review the
grading rubric for areas of information you need to include in your presentation.
Images: Use of images in Power Point Presentations can make slides more interesting and
enrich content. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!
Grades awarded for:
• Comprehensive Coverage of Topic
•Insightful Analysis of Focus Issue
•Clarity of Presentation
•Visually Appealing Presentation
•Meeting Required Minimum and Not Exceeding Required Maximum Number of Slides
•Conforming to Expected Spelling and Grammatical Standards – Edit and Review Your Work
•Presentation Uses Correct Assignment Format
•Correct Use of MLA Style for Works Cited
•Succinct Presentation Grading Criteria:
This assignment is worth 50 points toward you course grade. Refer to the following table to
understand how the briefing presentation will be graded:
Power Point Briefing Presentation Rubric
Introduction of Issue about Political Party Website Selected – Image/Graphic
and Title to Introduce Presentation
5 points
Document Demographic Group Targeted for Party Membership 5 points
Advanced an Argument, Comparison/Contrast Analysis, or Theory 5 points
Related Significance of Issue to United States Politics/Elections 5 points
Defined Key Terms 5 points
Presentation Sustained Appeal to Existing Party Membership 5 points
Chronological Sequence of Development/Evolution of Party 5 points
Evidence Presented in Clear Format/Evaluated Critically 5 points
Six Appropriate Sources/Sites 5 points
Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation 5 points

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