The Daisyworld

The Daisyworld

Link to Daisyworld simulation:

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The Daisyworld
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Description of the model :


  1. Set the solar luminosity to 1.000 (present conditions). Set the population of daisies to 20% white, 20% black. The albedo the surface should be 0.50, white daisies should be 75, and black daisies should be 0.25.
    1. What happens to the population of the daisies?
    2. What happens to the temperature of the Earth?
  2. Draw a feedback loop that can occur within Label it as a positive or negative feedback.
  3. Why do the populations of both daisies remain stable when both are present?
  4. Gradually decrease solar luminosity to 800.
    1. What type of daisy survives? Why?
    2. What happens to the temperature of the Earth? Why?
  5. Repopulate the world with 20% each of white and black daisies. Set the solar luminosity to 1.000, and run the simulation until temperatures stabilize. Then slowly increase solar luminosity to 400.
    1. What type of daisy survives at high luminosity? Why?
    2. What happens to the temperature of the Earth? Why?
    1. Populate Daisyworld with all white daisies and set the solar luminosity to 900. What happens?
    2. Populate Daisyworld with mostly white daisies and 1 black daisy, and set solar luminosity to 0.900. What happens this time?
    3. Why are there different results? Relate to the Gaia
  6. Crank up the heat by changing the solar luminosity to 2.000. Remove all of the daisies.
    1. Paint on a few white daisies while the simulation is running. What happens to the daisies, and why?
    2. Stop the simulation, and add a big patch of daisies (at least a third of the world). How is the result different from the previous simulation? Why?
    3. Relate result in B to the expansion of boreal (pine) forests at high latitudes.
  7. Stop the simulation, set up Daisyworld with 20% each white and black daisies, and run the “ramp-up-ramp-down” luminosity simulation a few times through. Speed up the simulation so this doesn’t take an hour.
    1. There are three different ways this simulation can end. Name two of them. What biological event(s) determine the destiny of the planet?
    2. What can you do, as an external forcing, to save any surviving white daisies at the end of the simulation? How do your changes indirectly affect the environment?






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