The Concept of Reliability

Whether you are creating a new test or trying to identify the best existing test to use in a testing situation, you will need to consider whether the test can produce reliable measurements. In this discussion, we will explore why reliability is important. Be sure to address the following in your post:

  • Discuss the concept of reliability.
  • What is a reliability estimate, and what does it tell us about a psychological test?
  • What does reliability not tell us about a psychological test?
  • Why is reliability important to consider when developing or choosing an existing psychological test?

In this discussion, you will consider the steps involved in the test development process. You will also consider how the test development process is ongoing. To prepare for this discussion, please complete the weekly reading and watch the video below:

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The Concept of Reliability
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Pearson Assessments US (2020). Preliminary investigations guiding the development of the MMPI-3.

  • Briefly discuss the steps of the test development process.
  • Explain how to use item analysis to assess test items.
  • Discuss the test development activities that Pearson Assessments US used to revise the MMPI-2 RF, which led to the MMPI-3.
  • In your opinion, should the test development process be ongoing (e.g., should we consider any test “final”)? Why or why not?