The complex relationship between society and social media

Can only use databases found at Directions: Create an MLA formatted Annotated Bibliography containing a minimum of 7 reliable, academic sources found through the GTCC Databases. Your summaries should contain 2-3 sentences that provide an overview of the source material (ie: what it′s about) and 1-2 sentences about how you think the source material might be helpful for your essay. That′s a minimum of 3-5 sentences, total, in each summary. Each of your summaries needs to be in your own words. Do not borrow words from the source or from the source′s desсrіption while constructing your completely original summaries. This also means you shouldn′t incorporate quotes from the sources. If your Works Cited entries do not contain titles of Databases from this list, that means your sources are either NOT from a Database, or you haven′t cited them properly

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