The changing role of teamwork in the Battle of Covid 2020-2021

TOPIC- The changing role of teamwork in the Battle of Covid 2020-2021

Premise: The global pandemic’s change-impact on organizational teamwork is profound, whether it be students studying or employees at multiple types of corporations and organizations working together through Zoom applications and other IT formats.

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The changing role of teamwork in the Battle of Covid 2020-2021
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Research question 1: How has the definition of what constitutes “good” or effective teamwork changed during the pandemic? Explain the impact and influence on organizational culture, on structures, and organizational systems as defined in this class.

Research question 2. How has the changing nature and application of organizational teamwork during the pandemic impacted the “organizational climate” as defined in this class? Specifically, what evidence shows the impact on employee job satisfaction, morale, and mental/physical health?

Research question 3. Looking ahead, what vestiges of changes to teamwork during the pandemic do you project will carry forth into a post-pandemic organizational world?

Required content of research

  • This paper must liberally apply concepts from change management taught in the Change Management Summer 2021 course.
  • Students may select ONE INDUSTRY or ONE ORGANIZATION as an example to address the three research questions above or apply a global approach.
  • There must be at least 15 evidence-based and credible citations in the paper, presented within the body of the paper and in the References page, compliant with APA style.
  • NOTE: There is a very rich source of current credible research on this topic including credible business journals, public opinion polling, and published academic papers.