Your First Assignment
It is imperative for this course that you know and understand the constitution of the United
States. With that in mind you will spend your first summer project working on understanding
the Constitution by filling out the AP U.S. Government and Politics Summer
CONSTITUTION REVIEW. There will be a test on the information when you return on
Friday 8/30/19 .
The Articles of Confederation
1. Define Confederation, Constitution, Commerce.
2. What was the first form of our national government?
3. For a law to pass, how many states had to agree?
4. What were the powers of Congress under the Articles of Confederation?
5. What could Congress NOT do under the Articles?
6. Why was there no executive under the Articles?
The Constitutional Convention
1. Define: Convention, Compromise, Delegate
2. Where did the Constitutional Convention meet in May, 1787?
3. Who served as president of the convention?
4. What was the most serious task that the convention faced?
5. Name two famous politicians who were absent from the convention.
1. Define: Bicameral, Unicameral
2. What plan was supported by the large states? Why?
3. What plan was supported by the small states? Why?
4. Fill in the information:
A. Virginia Plan:
1. How many houses?
2. Number of congressmen determined by:
B. New Jersey Plan:
1. How many houses?
2. Number of congressmen determined by:
5. What was the Great Compromise, and how did it establish the legislative body?
6. Representatives in the House of Representatives are chosen by:
7. Senators in the Senate are chosen by:
Separation of Powers

1. Define Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Legislative, Executive, Judicial.
2. Name three ways in which the powers of the United States are divided.
3. Why are the powers separated?
4. What is the job of the legislative branch?
5. What is the job of the executive branch?
6. What is the job of the judicial branch?
Organization of the Constitution
1. Define: Ratify, Amend, Article
2. What do you think the sun represents in Franklin’s quotation?
3. What is the purpose of the Preamble?
4. How many Articles are in the Constitution?
5. What is Article I about? Article II? Article III?
The Preamble
1. By whose power was the Constitution written?
2. Fill in the blanks:
3. Rewrite the Preamble in your own words.

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