The Big Bang Theory

Topic  The Big Bang Theory

  1. First, the introduction will introduce your topic, why it is considered important, and the consequences,  if any, if not addressed.
  2. Part 2 is the meat of your Signature Assignment. The three subcategories that Part 2 should address should be:

a.  PESTEL issue (political, economic, strategic, technology, educational, and Legal) ramifications.
b.  Analysis (qualitative or quantitative (preferred)
c.  Resulting potential solutions

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 The Big Bang Theory
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Include charts, graphs, pictorial depictions of the problem.

3.  Recommendations and Conclusions.  The driver for this third section should be the analysis, theme, and the research conducted in part 2.

You helped me last week with another assignment about the same topic (part 2, Attached document), you can use some of that if you want