The balanced scorecard (BSC)

The balanced scorecard (BSC) framework consists of four perspectives: (1) Financial perspective, (2) Internal business process perspective, (3) Customer perspective, and (4) Learning and growth perspective. (Wisner, Tan & Leong, 2012, p. 497) Balanced score is an effective tool that has advantages over the traditional approaches in evaluating performance of companies and organizations.

Use TravelZoo as the medium based company

Provide some background information about your chosen company or organization.
The strategic management depends on the current status of that chosen company (organization), what does the strategic planner or the top management of the focal company or organization plan to achieve in its strategic management?
Identify the four key metrics that you would propose for that company�s or organization�s strategic management and how you plan to measure those 4 key metrics in the business level strategy in support of the strategic management. Be as specific as possible in these metrics based on the current business developmental phase of that company.

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