The Age of Creativity -The Importance of creativity in Business Marketing

What you should write:
(The next phase of the paper is the theoretical part or scientific part).
Chapter Three: We will dive deeper into creativity in business marketing. This will include research methods as well. The impact of creativity in business and business marketing. With citations that back our point. We will create a hypothesis and data collecting methods. We should add a population of people that we have sampled and tested our methods.
The fourth chapter of the paper will be analysis. The results and findings to prove our thesis or hypothesis. Here we should put together all the pieces of the paper and show what we have learnt and read to prove that creativity in business marketing is essential. We will show Interview Transcripts or we will write down actual interview conversations.
Finally, Chapter 5 will be the conclusion. (Discussions, Recommendations, Limitations)

Please use connections within the paper. What I mean by this is, to reference the paper in itself. Speak on what we have already writing so that the paper is linked, cohesive, and has flow.

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The Age of Creativity -The Importance of creativity in Business Marketing
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The paper must appear as if it was written by one person. I want the paper to start broad and to get more narrow or more specific as the paper goes on. It will go from intro- creativity (literature review)- Research (hypothesis) – Findings and Results and analysis- Conclusion Including Appendix and Interviews. Please re-arrange so that it is more broad to more specific. Also, feel free to edit the first part of the paper in order to make it better.

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