Test Development and Analysis



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Test Development and Analysis
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Test Development and Analysis: Homework Assignment




  1. Given the following objectives, write 5 multiple choice questions covering all of the COGNITIVE taxonomic levels. Label the test item with its taxonomic level and correct answer.




At the end of the lecture, the student should be able to:


  1. Explain the principle of the antiglobulin test.








  1. List the steps in the DAT and the IAT tube agglutination procedures and describe the rationale for each step.








  1. Discuss the applications of the direct and indirect antiglobulin tests.








  1. Given an example of an antibody panel, identify the antibody.










  1. Given an example of antigen identification using the indirect antiglobulin method, evaluate the results of the controls and patient’s tests.











  1. Find multiple choice questions in a textbook or review book. Find one example of a well written multiple choice question and one example of a poorly written multiple choice question.  List the source of the items you select. Write out each question and explain why you think it is well written or poorly written.