Termination and Referral

CMHCs do not abandon or neglect their counseling clients.

a. Assistance is given in making appropriate arrangements for the continuation of treatment, when necessary, during interruptions such as vacation and following termination.

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Termination and Referral
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b. CMHCs may terminate a counseling relationship when it is reasonably clear that the client is no longer benefiting, when services are no longer required, when counseling no longer serves the needs and/or interests of the client, or when agency or institution limits do not allow provision of further counseling services.

c. CMHCs may terminate a counseling relationship when clients do not pay fees charged or when insurance denies treatment. In such cases, appropriate referrals are offered to the clients.

d. If CMHCs determine that services are not beneficial to the client, they avoid immediately terminating the counseling relationship. Instead, appropriate referrals are made. If clients decline the suggested referral, CMHCs may discontinue the relationship.

e. When CMHCs refer clients to other professionals, they will be collaborative.

f. CMHCs take steps to develop a safety plan if clients are at risk of being harmed or are suicidal. If necessary, they refer to appropriate resources and contact appropriate support.