The requirement is for a cohesive paper addressing each of the items noted below.  The paper should flow logically from section to section.  The paper should also include an introduction of the topics being discussed, the content, and a conclusion summarizing the key points of the paper. Using 1500 words and APA format:

  1. Discuss telecommunications and distributed connectivity systems as used by local and global teams.
  2. Cover the basic concepts related to networks and telecommunications, such as components of the network, network structure, local organization and types of networks depending on the geographical area that they will cover.
  3. Discuss the impact of telecommunications in today’s businesses and in team performance and collaboration.

These concepts should flow together into a cohesive paper discussing how various types of teams depend on telecommunications and distributed connectivity, what is needed as part of the networks used by these teams, as well as what kind of impact does this technology have on business and team performance.Note:  The paper must demonstrate critical thinking and additional research.  The textbook will only be one of your sources.  Remember all information gleaned from research must be cited.  Also all assertions must be supported.  This paper is not based on personal opinion or experience but rather on research.

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