Teaching, Research and Publications

As teaching professionals, CMHCs perform their duties based on careful preparation to provide instruction that is accurate, current, and educational.

B. Research and Publications

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Teaching, Research and Publications
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As researchers, CMHCs conduct investigations and publish findings with respect for the dignity and welfare of the participants and integrity of the profession.

1. The ethical researcher seeks advice from other professionals if any plan of research suggests a deviation from any ethical principle of research with human participants. Such deviation protects the dignity and welfare of the client and places on the researcher a special burden to act in the participant’s interest.

2. The ethical researcher is open and honest in the relationship with research participants.

3. The ethical researcher protects participants from physical and mental discomfort, harm, and danger. If the risks of such consequences exist, the investigator is required to inform participants of that fact, secure consent before proceeding, and take all possible measures to minimize the distress.

4. The ethical researcher instructs research participants that they are free to withdraw from participation at any time.

5. The ethical researcher understands that information obtained about research participants during the course of an investigation is confidential. When the possibility exists that others may obtain access to such information, participants are made aware of the possibility and the plan for protecting confidentiality and for storage and disposal of research records.

6. The ethical researcher gives sponsoring agencies, host institutions, and publication channels the same respect and opportunity for informed consent that they accord to individual research participants.

7. The ethical researcher is aware of the obligation to future research and ensures that host institutions are given feedback and proper acknowledgement.