Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing

Categorise spoken communication activities that can be used in class by discussing three activities and describing their features from what you have learnt in Module 5.

(150 words)

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Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
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Please note: Academic referencing is required in your answer



5:10. Identify and explain three activities for the development of communication skills at various levels below. (100 words)

Tip: You must include three different activities over three levels. Do not include the same activity over three different levels.



Identify and explain three ways in which written work can be corrected. (100 words)



Analyse and give examples of the stages involved in learning writing: (100 words)

  • copying
  • guided writing
  • free writing



Explain the need for consistency in pronunciation in the presentation stage of a PPP lesson. (100 words)



Explain the nature of assimilation in the context of speaking. Please provide examples. (75 words)




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