Teaching and learning strategies

Classes involve a combination of lectures, guest lectures, case study discussions, collaborative learning experiences
and exercises, video analysis, role-plays, simulation exercises and participation in a discussion group with current and
former students of the subject via LinkedIn. Assignments focus on personal exploration and development of capacity
in self and others to make judgments and deliver on responsibility.
This subject adopts a blended learning approach where students take on the responsibility for their own learning. This
includes preparing a range of materials before students come to class and actively contributing to the learning process
in class.. Prior to each class students are expected to read and reflect upon assigned materials including videos and
documentary material provided via Online or other means so that they are prepared to participate in class
discussion. . In-class activities have a heavy focus on collaborative learning experiences, such as role plays, debates,
preparation of short presentations, discuss and debate ideas, theories, and arguments with peers as well as mentor
students when appropriate.
Class contribution will include:
Making observations that integrate concepts and discussions;
Asking key questions that lead to revealing discussions;
Engaging in devil’s advocacy;
Respectfully challenging the lecturer, tutors, other students and prescribed materials or commonly held assumptions
about various theories, concepts and models when the difference of opinion serves as both a counterpoint and a
way of exploring all sides of a concept, issues, or practice; and
Working with others to come to a common understanding of topics—in and out of the classroom (ie in formal and
informal learning settings);
Mentoring other students to support them in their learning process and to share knowledge;
Providing feedback to the lecturer, tutors and other students;
Sharing examples from students’ personal experience in order to contribute to the embedded and embodied nature
of the learning process in this subject and the development of a learning community.

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