Teacher Leadership in Action

In previous modules, your team selected a leadership initiative and a collaborative leadership
framework for facilitating your work. In this assignment, you will continue to lay the groundwork
for successfully carrying out the leadership initiative. Your team will establish norms, set goals,
analyze what in your school could help or hinder your effort, tasks to be completed by team
members, and decide on how to evaluate the effectiveness of your initiative.

Remember, as your team begins to work toward accomplishing the leadership initiative,
meetings may not always run smoothly. Developing norms, setting ground rules, and using
protocols can help keep your team focused on its goals.

Course Objectives
 Investigate aspects of organizational structure and school culture that promote or inhibit
teacher leadership and effective communication among team members, and examine
techniques to analyze and plan accordingly.
 Explain leadership roles for various school community members and how each can
contribute to professional growth and holistic student development.
 Apply techniques for analyzing conditions within a school that need to be considered in
(a) planning and implementing a teacher-led action plan, and (b) maximizing the
efficiency of related action team meetings.
Directions for Submission:
1) Complete the assignment according to the Directions for Completion.
2) Follow the directions to submit your draft document for peer review. This draft should be
submitted by 11:59 p.m. PT Wednesday of Module 4.
3) Peer review the work of one other student, and receive a peer review of your work. Peer
reviews should be completed by 5:00 p.m. PT Friday of Module 4.
4) Your peer review should include at least one positive comment and one suggestion. In
conducting the peer review, the following tool options are available: rubric to score the
paper; comments within rubric categories; comments in the discussion space provided;
tracking of changes on the document copy using crocodoc tools.
5) You will use the comments and peer reviews to revise and polish your assignment
document for submission on the Module 4 Peer Review Application page.

Teacher Leadership
2) Create a Word or text document. Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman.
3) Use APA (6
edition) for the title page, references page, and in-text citations.
4) Begin with an introduction, and describe the content of your templates/ tables using
narrative paragraphs.
5) Use, cite, and reference a minimum of two expert sources.
6) Part 1: Establishing Norms – Follow the directions to complete the activity using the
“Forming Ground Rules “protocolprovided.
As an alternative to using the “Forming Ground Rules Protocol” to establish group norms, or in
addition, you may go to the National School Reform Faculty website at
http://www.nsrfharmony.org/protocol/a_z.html to select a protocol to use in your team
meeting. Students have found the “Goal Setting Protocol” useful, but there are many from
which to choose. If you opt to use the “Forming Ground Rules” protocol provided in the
directions, then you are encouraged to at least check out the NSRF website and its
collection of meeting protocols.
7) Part 2: Goal Setting and Force Field Analysis – Follow the directions to complete the activity.
8) Part 3: Group Tasks – Follow the directions to complete the activity.
9) Follow the directions to submit your final Word or text document.
Part 1: Establishing Norms
 Your first step is to use the “Forming Ground Rules” protocol to establish how your group will interact during its meetings.
 Use the template to introduce the “Forming Ground Rules” protocol to your group.
 Record the information team members provide for each step.
 Take notes on team members’ responses. Include a copy of the completed template in
the body of your paper or in an appendix.
 Write a several paragraph narrative on the activity and use of the protocol.

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