Tax Return

Guiseppe (Single) has one employer, and his only source of income is wages. Additionally, he has no dependents. In 2022, he claimed the standard deduction and no other deductions or credits. He received a large refund after filing his 2022 tax return. In 2023, Guiseppe expects no changes to his tax situation. He would like to pay less in taxes throughout the year, even if that means a lower refund when he files his 2023 tax return. Which of the following is most likely to help Guiseppe achieve this goal?

Complete only Steps 1 and 5 of the 2022 Form W-4, entering personal information and filing status and signing the form. Tax will be computed only on the standard deduction amount and tax rates for Guiseppe’s filing status.

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Tax Return
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Complete Step 2 and use the IRS Tax Withholding Estimator to determine the amount to enter.

Enter a negative amount of withholding in Step 4(c).

Select the “married, but withhold at higher single rate” option.