Task: Write one page decision-making letter to inform the proposal writer of the agency’s decision that they will accept or deny the project proposal

Assignment Procedure
1) Read Chapter 15 of the Brody & Nair textbook and the article entitled: “Grant Makers Reveal
the Most Common Reasons Grant Proposals Get Rejected” (URL:
mail ) to understand the major components that need to be included in a successful grant
proposal and the common mistakes that inexperienced proposal writers tend to make.
2) Based on your understanding of what makes a grant proposal get successfully accepted,
evaluate one grant proposal regarding its quality.
3) Imagine that you are Mr. Brown, the director of MacAllister Foundation (= the funding agency
to which the grant proposal written by the Department of Public Safety, City of Summerville, was
submitted). Read the grant proposal carefully and critically (see the pdf ‘Grant Proposal by
Department of Public Safety City of Summerville’ posted in the box: Week 2 Topics). Write a
decision letter whether you, as the director of the funding agency and one of the reviewers of
the proposal, would accept or deny the proposal.
In writing your letter addressed to Mr. Darrell Jones, the Director of the Department of
Safety, follow the structure of the letter below:
a) In your opening/introductory paragraph, make sure that you either (a) fund/accept the
proposal or deny/reject the proposal.
b) In the second paragraph and on, address both strengths and weaknesses of the
proposal. Start with strengths, and then continue to remark the major weaknesses, limitations,
or issues /problems of the proposal.
c) Conclude your letter with a clear statement regarding your decision on whether or not you
will fund/accept the proposal. Then, end your letter as you write a formal letter.
Your letter needs to be formatted as a formal letter.
Write your decision letter within 1 page (single-spaced, 1 inch margin, 10-12 font size).

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