Task brief & rubrics

A Restaurant have an interest in creating a new grading system for their customers. This is critical as the restaurant wants to delivery high standard satisfaction
outcomes to improve and standardize the quality of the service they deliver and to have the possibility to partnership with other restaurants in the region. The
new system ideally should assess fairly the waiters and waitresses, the cooks, and the suppliers.
• Analyze the main clients and stakeholders (restaurants, customers, suppliers) and build a research method to assess the actual picture of satisfaction of
all stockholders. This method will assess the new grading system as soon as the project is put into practice in the restaurant.
• Identify and prepare the information to convince your boss that your project makes sense, and it is necessary to put into practice. You need to be
• Create a project team: tell how you are going to create your team and how you will coordinate it.
• Build up a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with all the tasks and their duration, resources needed and predecessors.
• Establish a Project Timing and determine how long will be the project and the critical path.
• Estimate a Project Budget (and a justification).
• Close the project and assess on the risks of failure.
• Individual work.
• Minimum length of the assignment 1500 words – Maximum 2500 words.
• Relate your work to the concepts delivered in class.
• Font: Arial 12,5pts. Line-spacing: default. Text-align: Justified.
• Bibliography/References, if needed, has to be quoted in Harvard style.
• You may use Appendixes. These and the References do not count for the total wordcount.

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Task brief & rubrics
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