Systems Diagrams and Visualization Project

Create the following UML diagrams to visualize the process of doing one of the following activities:
1. ‘Doing Yard Work’ with a 2-person team.
2. ‘Ordering at a Fast-Food Restaurant (both the inside and drive-thru process).
• Use Case diagram
• Activity diagram
• Communications diagram
• Data Flow diagram
• StateChart diagram
Scope for “Doing Yard Work”:
1. The team arrives at the site and prepares the equipment needed to
a. Mow the yard: mower(s) must be fueled, inspected and repaired if needed
b. Trim the yard: weed-eater(s) must be fueled, inspected and repaired if needed
c. Trim the trees: sheers must be cleaned and repaired if needed
2. The team finishes by storing the equipment and cleaning up the site.
3. There is a front and back yard with areas that must be mowed and trimmed (landscape and trees)
4. Each person must work on part of the project (i.e. person-1 can mow the front yard while person-2 trims
trees and landscapes the back yard; then switches yards; then person-1 clean-up while person-2 stores
the equipment)
Scope for ‘Ordering at a Fast-Food Restaurant’
1. The customer arrives at the restaurant ordering station and the process starts from there.
2. Both the inside and drive-thru processes must be documented separately.
3. Assume the inside involves ordering via a kiosk (like Taco Bell uses) directly into an ordering system.
Assume the drive-thru involves ordering through a person who enters into the ordering system.
4. Assume both provide feedback from the automated system back to the customer via a display.
5. The process ends once the customer receives and verifies the order.

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