Symbol of Hope

  1. This is the film its on youtube! Keep good grammar. no plagiarism.
  2. Who was Booker T. Washington and why was he a “symbol of hope” for African Americans? What is the controversy about his leadership in education? What controversial issue came up in his “Atlanta Compromise” speech regarding his social policies? Why do you think some Black people rejected Washington’s tactics?
  3. When viewing the violent and graphic images of Black people being lynched in the South, why do you think white men felt empowered to participate in this violence and even have their faces photographed alongside the hanged person? What does this reveal about the structure of law enforcement, the justice system, and rights for Black people at that time? Do you think things are different today and if so how?
  4. Ask a question from the film about something you did not quite understand, or give a comment on something you found interesting from the film.