Superpowers Among Us

Paper 1 Prompt: Superpowers Among Us (3 ½-4 pages)


For this first paper, you’re being asked to reflect upon a superpower unique to you. When I speak of superpowers, I am referring to real people like you and me, not superheroes from comic books, and the personal assets we bring to our shared community. I’m talking about the kind of special quality that is already a part of who we are, which could be honed or learned again. In other words, an asset is something you already do well, which you can share with others and use not only to benefit yourself but other people as well. In this way, you are recognizing the power you have to make a difference in your own or another person’s life, which is what makes your power super or even magical.

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Superpowers Among Us
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Knowing how people feel whenever I look at someone. Almost like reading peoples mind but only for good causes.Being able to help if needed!

Examples of superpowers include the following:

~ speaking up for someone who needs support or for an issue that impacts a lot of people, even if–or especially if–you’re normally too shy to make your voice heard

~ being a seasoned traveler, making friends wherever you go, and also acting as a gracious host to friends when they make the trip to your town

~ being extraordinarily kind to others, including strangers, so that they immediately feel comfortable around you


  • 3 ½–4 pages in length
  • Evidence from your personal experiences
  • At least 2 cited pieces of evidence from our class readings, videos, articles found by you from reliable publications, or personal interviews conducted by you with someone whose superpower has benefited you
  • A Works Cited page (not part of the required length)
  • Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spacing, 1” margins