Sugar Cane Alley

Develop an argumentative essay of 2 to 3 pages in length in response to the question that follows. Your paper should be in the following format: typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with a margin of 1 inch. Please, keep your discussion within the suggested page limit.

1. how would you explain the concept of “Freedom”?

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Sugar Cane Alley
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2. did formerly enslaved people of African descent in the Atlantic Islands obtain “freedom” from bondage after slavery was abolished? Or not?

1. A THESIS stated clearly in your introduction, preferably, at the end of the introduction. Please, underline your thesis statement.

2. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE drawn from these two sources: The Big Truck That Went By and Sugar Cane Alley. You are allowed to draw on other materials but please do well to cite every material that you use.

3. A REFERENCE PAGE. Please, do well to offer a full citation of all materials used at the end of your essay. Feel free to use any reference style (e.g., CHICAGO, MLA, APA) that you are comfortable with, but just stay consistent with your preference. Do not combine APA with MLA, or MLA with CHICAGO.
NOTE: In-text citation is a plus.

** Avoid using block quotes, and please keep direct quotations short. It is preferable to paraphrase in your own words. In-text page numbers may be cited as follows: (Katz, 10).

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