SUD and Psychiatric Symptoms

SUD and Psychiatric Symptoms


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SUD and Psychiatric Symptoms
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Psychiatric and substance use disorders have many common traits.  Substance Use Disorders (SUD) can cause, mimic and mask psychiatric symptoms. Additionally, psychiatric and SUD disorders can independently co-exist and psychiatric behaviors can mimic SUD disorders. What research shows is that the relationship is complex, suggesting many possible points of overlap between addiction and psychiatric disorders. Therefore, it is important to understand how psychiatric and substance use disorder symptoms influence each other, overlap, or inter-link.


Describe at least five ways substance use disorders and psychiatric symptoms can interact to cause diagnostic confusion and mislabeling.  Be specific with each example – identify the psychiatric symptom(s), the substance and its influence (cause), overlap (mimic), and/or inter-link (connection).


Your paper should be in Times Roman 12 point font and in APA format. Use APA formatted headings to organize your paper. Your citations and reference page should also follow APA formatting. If you are unfamiliar with APA formatting, utilize an APA manual for guidance. This paper should be written in essay format, NOT numbered question/answer format. This assignment is a minimum of 3 pages and maximum of 5. Cite two academic references to support/validate your assignment. Use your own words and exclude direct quotations and paraphrasing.

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