Subject matter should have key elements…….

Subject matter should have key elements covered; content is comprehensive, accurate,
persuasive; displays an understanding of relevant theory; major points supported by
specific references; and research is adequate/timely and citations are academically
For both your individual and team case study, Part 1 of the paper should include the
• Background and understanding or problem [10%]
▪ Including possible external and internal factors
• Project purpose and scope [10%]
▪ Including what’s not in scope
• Approach and workplan/process [15%]
▪ Provide alternative approach options
• Project fees and schedule [5%]
• Anticipated outcomes and benefits [20%]
▪ Of all proposed options
• Consultant credentials [5%]
• Conclusion [5%]
• References
• Appendices

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Subject matter should have key elements…….
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