Student Achievement

1 Trace the recent history linking school funding to student achievement.

2 Clarify the research findings on the effects of spending on student achievement.

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Student Achievement
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3 Explain why the issue is controversial.

4 Describe the link between teacher quality (effectiveness) and student achievement.

5 Summarize the connection between professional development and student achievement.

6 Describe the findings on the relationships between class size, school size, and student achievement.

7 Explain the relationship between teachers’ salaries and student achievement.

8 Describe the relationship between school facilities and student achievement.

Where we spend our education dollars affects student learning. Substantial research supports the link between

school spending and student achievement through teacher/teaching quality, professional development,

reduced class and school size, teacher salaries, and school facilities. Knowledgeable education leaders can

help their communities wisely invest taxpayer dollars in areas that pay dividends in student achievement.