Structural-level Analysis

Choose one of the questions to answer on the attached assignment 4 document. Make sure to use the included text as your source.

Structural-level Analysis:
Sociology is the study of social systems and their impact on people. As such individual-level arguments about society, culture, social systems, etc. (i.e. poor people don’t work hard enough) are:
a) not supported by sociological evidence and
b) not sociological in nature.
Your reflections are required to engage with society, culture, systemic/institutional explanations for understanding the sociological perspective of the selected activity and essay assignment within the corresponding Unit.

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Structural-level Analysis
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Data and Evidence:
You need to draw on specific examples, data, and citations to support your arguments (use the course material in the course space on BbLearn and/or from the text). All statements that are not common sense need to be supported with reliable sources. These sources must be academic in nature. If you cannot find it on Google Scholar or in academic journals, you should run the source by me. Include a reference list at the end of the written assignment for all sources cited and referenced. Additionally, as this is a Sociology course, when citing your sources in-text and in the reference list, my preference is APA or ASA (most consistent format across the social sciences and education). However, if you are familiar with MLA that will work. Make sure to be consistent, correct, and appropriate with in-text citations throughout the body of the paper and in the reference cited list.

Each activity and essay assignment should be at least 400 words, which does not include any title information, reference list, etc. the 400-word minimum must be confined to the written articulation of your response. It should start with an introductory paragraph that ends with a clear thesis. This should be followed by 3-5 supporting paragraphs (Each with clear topic and transition sentences). Written articulations of your response should end with a clear conclusion paragraph.

Following this format, your essays will probably be a bit longer, but not necessarily in every case, which is fine. Additionally, the activity assignment will include your written articulation (400-word minimum) in response to the prompt, and, in some cases, a visual representation.

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