Strength and Weakness

Just write the strength and weakness in the discussion partOutline:


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Strength and Weakness
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How did Jinjiang Group mange the impact of Covid-19: a study based on SWOT analysis



Analyze the marketing strategy of Jinjiang Group during Covid-19 based on SWOT model



  1. Learn the background information of Covid-19, its impact on the economy
  2. The performance of hotel industry in China before and after the pandemic
  3. The performance of Jinjiang group during Covid 19
  4. Different strategies used by Jinjiang Group
  5. Conclusion



Abstract (350)

Method, result, conclusion


Introduction (550-750)

A little bit introduction to Covid-19: when did it happen, how deadly it is, when it was announced a global pandemic.

Background information on hotel industry, how they performed before Covid and when covid happened, comparing 2019 and 2020. This could be the world, you might talk little bit about traveling decline.

In China the overall performance of hotel industry in early 2020.

Focus to Jinjiang group its performance.

Thesis statement:

This paper first studies the impact of Covid-19 on the hotel industry in China. Then, this paper focuses on the marketing strategy of Jinjiang Group during the first wave of Covid-19 in early 2020 (first two quarters of 2020, between January to August 2020), how it dealt with the situation. By using SWOT analysis, this paper studies internal and external factors that helped Jinjiang Group wade through the difficult time and how it seized the opportunity to thrive.


Literature Review (<1000)

First you need to group your papers (academic paper)

Describe main points raised (Author a, b, c talked about one thing), what kind of method they used, what kind of research they did what’s their conclusion, or recommendation.

(Your evaluation of the literature whether they are reliable or reflect the reality)


Methodology (200)

SWOT description, why you choose this tool or model


Discussion (1200-2000)

Internal factors


What are the strengths of Jinjiang Group:

Strength no.1 their fluid currency, strong cash flow, strong stakeholders

  • 酒店类型多元化;
  • 本身是大企业,现金流充足,是上市公司,所以有一定融资能力,包括股东增持等做法;
  • 产业链成熟,完整,包括餐饮和客运;



Your literature and information input



What are the weaknesses


Discussion on internal factors:

How to keep the strength, how to improve weaknesses.


External factors


Government policy, tax and other financial support





Competitors(weak threat), decline in tourism, policy against large gathering (catering, conference) 餐饮转型(写字楼员工餐)(酒店承办会议原来是怎么样的)



Grasp the opportunity, eliminate the threat


Conclusion (500):

4C principle:

Close the loop, clarify, conclude,

Evaluation of this paper, what you might have missed, or you want to study further in the future.