Strategic Fundamentals and Environment Final Assessment

Purpose of this Assessment
The final assessment for this competency is a plan that will explain how your strategy connects to your
community from several vantage points, including financial ramifications and impact of the current
leadership structures, and explains how this new strategy will create an improvement in your
community. The purpose of this assignment is to develop the components of strategic fundamentals,
including organizational performance. You will, however, create a business scorecard to analyze
organizational performance in a later competency. A “need” can be defined as any opportunity
improving health, welfare, and/or morale in a community. The business you select now may be used for
two other competencies: Competitive Advantage and Implementing and Monitoring Business Plan.
Items Required for Submission

  1. A five- to six-page Strategic Fundamentals Plan
  2. A 15 to 20 slide voice over presentation to describe the Strategic Fundamentals Plan
    Step ONE: Preparation
     Review the materials provided to you regarding this competency. The analysis and research
    from this competency will be used for the other strategy competency work that you will do,
    especially your final summative assessment for the BBA degree.
     Reflect on the community that you live in. Consider techniques and strategies you can bring to
    add value (financial, environmental, intrinsic, etc.) to your community based on an existing
     It is permissible to determine a business that you would like to develop throughout the three
    strategy competencies (Strategic Fundamentals & Environment, Competitive Advantage, and
    Business Plan) to assist with resolving a need within your community.
     Do some research about the business you have chosen using credible, academic resources. You
    will include them as references in both the plan and PowerPoint, but also cite them throughout
    your analysis as supporting information for your proposal.
    Competency Name: Strategic Fundamentals and Environment
    Competency Statement: Demonstrate knowledge of strategic fundamentals and environment.
    Final Assessment Title: Strategic Positioning Plan with Voice-Over Presentation
    Competency Objectives:
  3. Develop an understanding of the role of strategy in a business environment.
  4. Understand the techniques used in making strategy decisions.
  5. Discuss the 3 steps in planning – (1) determining the organization’s mission and goals, (2)
    formulating strategy, and (3) implementing strategy.
  6. Analyze a business process or situation using SWOT analysis.
    Program Learning Outcome(s): N/A
    Institutional Learning Outcome(s): ILO 2 – Innovation and Creativity: Construct a novel or unique
    idea, question, format, or product.
    Strategic Fundamentals and Environment Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric
    Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric 2
     Develop a plan for your proposed project to structure your analysis. You will need to write a
    clear and concise plan with about one paragraph for each of the following sections (and
  7. Introduction: Clearly explain the problem your new business is trying to solve and state
    why this is the right strategy at the right time to provide value to your community.
    Support the viability of this business by showing demographic data, using the
    appropriate government data sources, designated with a .gov indicator on their
  8. Role of strategy: How does the positioning of the new business increase value?
  9. Techniques used to formulate the positioning: What steps will be necessary to develop
    this new business?
  10. Industry analysis: What is the state of the industry overall? What is its history and what
    are future expectations for the industry as a whole?
  11. SWOT analysis: What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your
    particular business? Include a graphic as a visual summary. Microsoft Word “Smart Art”
    has templates that may be used.
  12. Strategic-Planning Process: Discuss the following steps in the strategic-planning process:
    A. How will you determine the organization’s mission and goals? How do you
    justify your organization’s mission and goals?
    B. What are the strengths and weaknesses for your particular business?
    C. Which one of the follows strategies from the competency will you implement
    for your particular business? Recall the Porter’s Key Strategies and Ghemawat’s
    “AAA” Global strategies, including:
     Cost leadership
     Differentiation
     Focused cost leadership
     Focused differentiation
     Adaptation
     Aggregation
     Arbitrage
    D. How will you implement the company’s strategy? Recall the implementation
    strategies you read, including:
     Tactical
     Operational
     Contingency
     Crisis Planning
  13. Financial Considerations: What are the financial ramifications related to your new
    business? How might your proposed strategy impact current leadership structures?
  14. Organizational Structure: How could the organizational structures reposition to
    promote innovation and creativity that would result in greater organizational
    effectiveness and efficiency?
  15. Conclusion: Summarize the key points you have made in a single paragraph with clear,
    concise, positive, language.
    Strategic Fundamentals and Environment Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric
    Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric 3
    Step TWO: Write Plan
     Write a five- to six-page Strategic Positioning Plan using APA citation format. Use at least three
    sources from your research.
    Step THREE: Prepare Voice-Over Presentation
     Create a 15-20 slide voice-over presentation to provide more detail to your Strategic Positioning
    Plan. Use this opportunity to add more detail, eye-catching graphics, and interesting facts about
    your plan that you could not include in your written plan.
    Step FOUR: Complete Checklist for Submission
    Before you submit your work, check to see if you have met the criteria noted below. Did you:
     Clearly and succinctly state the problem the new business (or repositioning of an existing
    business) is trying to solve, and why this is the right strategy at the right time to provide value to
    your community?
     Use demographic data from .gov sources?
     Clearly and accurately describe the role of strategy and the techniques used to formulate its
     Include an industry analysis and SWOT analysis (with a graph)?
     Describe how the three steps in the strategic-planning process apply to your product?
     Discuss the financial ramifications and impact on current leadership structures?
     Indicate how the organizational structures might reposition to promote innovation and
    creativity, leading to organizational effectiveness and efficiency?
     Present sophisticated comparisons and contrasts of the benefits and consequences of multiple
    approaches or options in the overall analysis?
     Demonstrate sophisticated innovative thinking consistently by transforming ideas or solutions
    into an entirely new form through connection and synthesis?
     Make sure that the plan is well researched and uses at least three sources from the competency
    as well as three sources from student research?
     Provide resources that are effectively used and properly referenced?
     Consistently integrate ideas from alternate, divergent, or contradictory perspectives or ideas in
    the plan?
     Proofread your plan to ensure that it is logical, well-written, and of the required length?
    Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are accurate?
     APA formatting standards are followed; citations and reference page are correct?
     Create a Voice-Over presentation with 15 to 20 slides, and any visual/graphical representations
    that illustrate your analysis using SWOT, and state the “story” of the analysis in an interesting
    Strategic Fundamentals and Environment Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric
    Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric 4
    Step FIVE: Submit Your Work
    ● Your completed files should be submitted through the Final Assessment page of your competency.
    ● Please note, for files smaller than 10MB (e.g., most Word documents), use the corresponding
    “+UPLOAD STUDENT FILE” button to upload your Final Assessment documents. For larger files of
    any type (e.g., voice over PowerPoint files, video presentations), please use the optional TEXT
    EDITOR to provide a URL where your tutorial faculty can download your file.
    ● How you create a download URL is up to you, but various free online providers, including Google
    Drive and Dropbox, offer this service. Please make sure that the URL you provide can be accessed
    by anyone with the link. For further instructions on how to

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