Storing Minutes

Once you have dispatched the final minutes, make sure that you file all work associated with the

meeting in the correct place. You will need to keep a record of the task from organisation to post-

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Storing Minutes
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meeting tasks. Your office should have a dedicated filing system for storing work, but if you need to

create a filing system, make sure that you follow your organisation’s procedures and file work logically

and clearly.

You will most likely have a set place on your computer system to store any electronic files for the

meeting, make sure that all information is saved and stored and that any personnel that need access

have the access to these files and to any paper copies that you have filed.

If any work is confidential in nature, ensure that only authorised personnel can view files and

documentation. You may need to lock file cabinets (storing the key in a safe and secret place within the

work site for speed of access) and restrict file permissions on your computer system. If in any doubt as

to the confidentiality of information, check this with your manager/appropriate contact person.