Stereotype Threat and Job Performance of Minority Employees

– Word Count: 1000-1100
– Table of contents (not included in page limit)
– Main body of report, divided into appropriate sub-sections with headings
– Figures and tables embedded within the body of the paper and discussing the information presenting in the figures and tables


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Stereotype Threat and Job Performance of Minority Employees
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– References. Appropriately cite all of the references used throughout the paper (not included in ~4-page limit), using APA format (MLA is okay too). You should use at least four relevant sources. Useful sources are popular business publications (e.g., Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune) and HR/OB/I-O Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology, Academic of Management Journal/Review, Human Factors, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Leadership Quarterly, Small Group Research). Online newsletters and blogs are not acceptable sources.
– Appendices. You may include appendices, if appropriate (not included in ~4-page limit)

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