Static Stretching – Efficacy of Static Stretching

Task 1 – Static Stretching – Efficacy of Static Stretching – Acute Use of Static Stretching Prior to Activity – Static Stretching and Warm-up – Lengthening Techniques Activity 1-1. The scientific rationale for static stretching has been discussed and researched by many researchers and scientists on virtually every continent of the world. The major points of contention have been the efficacy of static stretching, static stretching prior to activity, and static stretching before or after warm-up. The student’s assignment is to evaluate these issues as presented in the text. Following evaluation of the text and research available, the student will write a summary paper on their own position regarding these issues. The paper will be reflective of the text and contain research references acquired by the student. A detailed argument regarding their position will be made and evaluated by the instructor of the class.

Activity 1-2. The students will instruct their lab partner in the proper technique using appropriate sets, reps, and tempo for static lengthening techniques on the lateral gastrocnemius, adductors of the leg, hamstring, hip flexor, TFL, lat, rotator cuff, and scalenes. The student will write a summary of which body part was most affected by the techniques and how the student felt following the exercise.

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Static Stretching – Efficacy of Static Stretching
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