Sports Program

1.  Select two professional sports organizations with different ownership models.  You can choose two from the same league or from different leagues but must be different ownership models such as a sole proprietor, partner, corporation, etc.  Identify the breakdown of the ownership for the team in majority ownership (or could be full ownership) and other parties who may be part owner.  After identifying each, provide the pros and cons for each type of ownership.

2.  Build a budget for a high school sports program.  Your program has $100,000 to fund a minimum of 2 sports in each season (fall, winter, spring).  You must include coaches stipends, equipment, travel, officials, and other operating.  Do not go over the $100,000.  This can be completed in a spreadsheet format inserted into the word document with a minimum 1 paragraphs explanation of your funding choices.

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Sports Program
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