Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

For the purposes of this assignment, I would like you to do the following things:

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1. Choose 4 songs that you will be analyzing:

    • You need to choose 2 parallel groups for your analysis
    • Units of analysis should differ only in 1 aspect: either sex of the singer, year of release, or the country of release.

For example: 2 most popular male songs vs 2 most popular female songs of 2021 in the US, or 2 most popular female British songs vs. 2 most popular female US songs of 1970, or 2 most popular rap songs vs. 2 most popular country songs of whatever year, or 2 most popular female songs of 2021 vs. 1980 in Australia, etc.

2. Create a table with the lyrics for each of 4 songs

3. Provide analysis of the chosen 2 groups of songs in the form of an essay (300+ words long). In your essay discuss the following:

    • What is the content/problem/topic of those songs?
    • What are the feelings & sentiments that are present? (anger, shame, pride, love, hate, …)
    • Compare the content of those 2 categories of songs: what differences/similarities do you see over time/across countries/across sexes
    • What rhetorical tools do the authors use?
    • Find metaphors, hyperbole, simile, synecdoche and discuss their role in creating a particular feeling/sentiment
    • How does the content/topic of the songs relate to the real world? Do these songs illustrate any processes happening in the world?

What you need to submit for grading:

  • Please submit
  • 1) table with lyrics of four songs
  • 2) Your comparative content analysis essay.
  • You can submit everything as a word file