Solving a Business Problem

Solving a business problem for someone who is receptive to your recommendations is an excellent way to improve your professional effectiveness and get ahead. Learning how to identify problems and propose solutions will benefit you now and in the future.

Consider how best to present your findings on this opportunity for the organization, the viable alternatives, the benefits and risks, and your strategic recommendations.

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Solving a Business Problem
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2. Follow this basic outline for the Formal Project Report. Refer to Ch. 10 for a more detailed guide and expectations for the Formal Report (see The Rosewood Restaurant Group example).

1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Executive Summary

4. Introduction

5. The Opportunity

a. The Current Situation

b. Key Success Factors

c. Analysis of Alternatives

d. Strategic Solution Option

6. Benefits and Risks of Strategic Solution Option

a. Benefits

b. Risks

7. Final Recommendation (include implementation plan)

8. References

9. Appendix

a. Transcripts of Interview (optional)

b. Other supporting materials (optional)

Please submit your paper as an attachment to the dropbox.

Final Project Report (8 – 12 pages, including all components)