Solution to the Problems Facing Queenly in the Organization

Reducing the waiting time

            From the normal 3 month wait time, it is clear that the organization has a huge client base in the community than other medical facilities. Therefore, the organization should focus on strategies to makes its operations more efficient in order to significantly reduce the time that the clients are required to wait. This may include using technology to serve customers from their homes in order to reduce the time that will be taken to serve the customer.

Solving the financial problem

In contingency theory, an organization is likely to be faced with diverse constraints, thus the management should focus on reducing the effect of the constraints. Jokipii (2010) explains that organizations should maximize their operation by countering the internal and external constraints facing the organization. Queenly should look for strategies to improve its performance amid the inadequate resources and shortage of staffs. This may involves having the staffs working longer than their normal day with a new compensation plan, in addition to hiring more staffs. The increase in revenue from the high number of staffs who are served can be used to hire new staffs in addition to training the nurses and clerks to serve some minor counseling problems in the organization to reduce the workload.

Solving the workforce problem

            In the Scientific management theory, Taylor explains strategies for improving the efficiency in the organization. According to the theory, the organization should focus on the root cause of the slow workflow and provide effective and cheap methods for countering the problem. Scientific management is an effective theory that the management of Queenly can adopt to enhance workflow in the organization. In putting the theory into effect, the organization should replace and incorporate new methods of carrying out duties by the staff. Queenly should implement equal division of labor in addition to fostering a strong employer-employer relationship.

Bolman & Deals Framework

            To structure an effective structure and design of Queenly organization, the best strategy will be to adopt the Bolman & Deals Framework. According to Jurkiewicz & Giacalone (2004), the framework focuses on structural, human resource, political and symbolic factors. Queenly should make its decision based on its structure which includes the internal issues such as………..

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