Software Development Plan document

Part 1 (9 pages with 5 references)

Project Selection

The first step will be to select a project as the target for your software development plan. This project will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the course and should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Nontrivial: The selected project should be large enough to allow reasonable exercise of the software development planning process.
  • Domain knowledge: You should be familiar with the organization or software category to allow focus on the planning tasks without significant time required for domain education.
  • Accessibility: You should have good access to the people and other information related to the organization or software because this will be an important part of the planning process.

Assignment Details

For the assignments in this course, you will not be implementing the actual software project—rather, you will be developing a comprehensive Software Development Plan document. Your first task in this process will be to select a project to use as the basis of your design. You will also create the shell document for the final project deliverable that you will be working on during each unit. As you proceed through each project phase, you will add content to each section of the final document to gradually complete the final project delivery.

  • Use Word
  • Title Page
    • Course number and name
    • Project name
    • Student name
    • Date
  • Table of Contents
    • Use autogenerated TOC
    • Should be a separate page
    • Maximum of 3 levels deep
  • Section Headings
    • Project Outline
    • Planning
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Quality Assurance
    • Implementation
    • Maintenance
  • New Content
    • Project Outline
      • Briefly describe the project.
      • Include a list of the major goals and constraints for the project.
      • Material can be taken from the approved proposal submitted to your instructor.
      • Be sure this project is approved by the instructor.
    • Planning
      • Identify the stakeholders for the project.
      • Identify the tools required for the project and how they will be used. Tools for systems analysis may include CASE tools, financial analysis tools, project management tools, and Internet resource tools such as groupware and collaboration tools. Be sure to address the following in your tool discussion:
        • Describe the primary features, strengths, and weaknesses.
        • Identify the area(s) of the SDLC and the tasks for which the tools would be useful.
        • Discuss how the use of tools would improve the associated area (or phase) of SDLC.
      • Identify the software development life cycle model that will be used for the project, including justification of the selection.
      • Identify the major phases of the project and illustrate how they fit in the selected development model.

Part 2 (4 pages with 5 references)

Software developers are often guilty of writing code before anyone even knows what they should be writing (aside from a grey concept). The first task in the software development process should be an analysis to answer the question of what the software needs to do. This is called the analysis phase, and for this project, you will be adding the Analysis section to your Software Development Plan document.

The project requires that you do the following:

  • Requirements:
    • Describe how the requirements will be gathered.
    • Identify the sources of information for the requirements.
    • List at least 10 of the major requirements, making assumptions where necessary.
    • Perform a requirement analysis and document the process and results.
  • Modeling:
    • Prepare at least 2 models for the project.
    • Models can include data models, process models, or object models.
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.

Part 3 (4 pages with 5 references)

The analysis phase helps determine what the software is supposed to do. Armed with this information, you can now turn your attention to how the software will meet the requirements. This is the design phase and the subject of this project. For this project, you will add the Design section to your Software Development Plan.

The project requires that you do the following:

  • System Architecture
    • Identify the system architecture to be used for the software and justify the selection.
    • Identify the control systems.
    • Perform a modular decomposition and document the results.
  • User Interface
    • Provide designs for the primary displays for the software.
    • Document the reasoning used to develop the user interface design, and describe the tools used.
  • Data Design
    • Provide necessary entity-relationship diagrams to illustrate the data design for the software.
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.

Part 4 (4 pages with 5 references)

Quality assurance (QA) is often thought to be a phase that occurs after the implementation phase, but QA needs to be part of the planning process that occurs before any code is written. QA is not just about testing software; it is a set of activities that takes place from the beginning to the end of a project to ensure quality standards are met. The next step in your Software Development Plan is to prepare the QA section.

The project requires that you do the following:

  • Quality Goals
    • Define the overall quality goals for the project.
    • Identify the metrics to be used to measure achievement of the goals.
    • Define how the metrics will be gathered for the project.
  • Test Plan
    • Define the major test phases for the project.
    • Identify the test strategy that will be used for each test phase.
    • Identify the resources required for the test phases.
    • Determine how defects will be documented and processed.
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.

Part 5 (5 pages with 5 references)

The final step in developing the software development plan is to prepare for the implementation and maintenance phases. Implementation requires more than just taking the design and coding. Proper planning for implementation will ensure that the developers have the proper tools and processes in place to do their jobs efficiently.

In this stage of the project, you will add the Implementation and Maintenance section to your Software Development Plan. You will also further refine the plan to produce your final plan document for the project.

The project requires that you do the following:

  • Software Implementation
    • Identify the major milestones and deliverables for the project.
    • Discuss how source code control and versioning will be handled.
    • Perform a risk analysis and identify at least 3 risks and mitigation strategies.
    • Identify the documentation that will be produced.
    • Define the deployment strategy for the system.
  • Software Maintenance
    • Discuss the maintenance needs for the software and how the maintenance process will occur.
    • Identify the strategy for upgrades and updates.
  • Software Development Plan Final Version
    • Review the entire document for any changes and improvements you would like to make.
    • Ensure that this final version of the plan is sufficiently detailed to allow the software developers to move forward with the project.
    • Any previous instructor feedback should be addressed with appropriate changes.
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.

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