Software Development and Security

In preparing your response, include at least one source from professional or academic literature—such as articles from peer-reviewed journals and relevant textbooks. For this course, Wikipedia is not considered an academic or professional reference. Also, proofread and spell check your responses. All sources should be formatted using APA guidelines.

  1. In the topics of software development and security, as well as, two different software development life cycles.
  • Discuss the role security has in the software development life cycle and how the inclusion of security in these processes might change the overall SDLC. Give reasons for your choices.
  • Provide support for those choices using sources from your textbook or the Saudi Digital Library to support your viewpoint.
  1. In the topics relating to the development and implementation of a SETA program within an organization. Based on your understanding of SETA programs and how they relate to the secure software development process discuss the following:
  • Describe what you feel are best practices for implementing an AppSec SETA program.
  • Provide support for those choices using sources from your textbook or the Saudi Digital Library to support your viewpoint.
  1. In the concepts of security perimeters, application security and attack surfaces of existing and emerging technologies.
  • Discuss how IoT and mobile technology are impacting the attack surface.
  • Include in your discussion the steps an organization should take to control the attack surface attributed to BYOD.
  1. the cost of software flaws and a variety of code analysis tools.
  • Use what you have learned to compare and contrast automated software review tools with manual review processes. Be sure to identify the pros and cons of each method as a means of drawing distinctions between the two methods.
  1. In the topics of penetration testing, application security, and other security controls.
  • Use what you have learned to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing penetration testing in application security. What are the strengths of penetration testing and conversely how might penetration testing provide a false sense of security for application developers?
  1. DevOps and DevSecOps.
  • Discuss the DevSecOps Maturity Models and their impact on an organization’s security posture. Then select an organization that you are familiar with and discuss how the DevSecOps Maturity models could be implemented.
  1. During this module, you explored several emerging technologies and their impact on the software development process.
  • Discuss the impact that machine learning and artificial intelligence will have on the software development process and the inclusion of security controls in SDLC and final software products.
  1. In the topic of ethical considerations in secure coding.
  • Discuss how ethical dilemmas in software development can impact the development and implementation of new technologies.
  • Specifically form your discussion around the following case study:

“In the case of autonomous vehicles, how should a program work in the face of an imminent threat that’s unavoidable such as a vehicle collision? Should the focus be on the protection the passenger in the vehicles, or minimize the damage outside the vehicle? Choices made in software dictate this type of behavior. Will consumers and users of self-driving cars ever know what those choices are before it’s too late?”

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