SocialWork with Older People-Designing an EmpoweringPlan

Order DescriptionFirst and foremost, this topic revolves around the AUSTRALIAN society. So focus, examples and pointers should be within and related to the AUSTRALIAN context. This is also a paper for a Social Work degree course and is under a subject called ‘Social Work with Older People’.

Hence, the context and relevant literature should be related to Social Work AND working with older people in the social work context. I will be uploading an attachment with the case narrative and lecture notes that this assignment SHOULD be based on as well as further elaboration on my essay instructions.

*Assessment Task:*

Identify strengths, abilities or skills and constraints through a strengths based assessment of the older person from the case narrative said above (focusing on strengths, systems theory and empowerment approach).

Design a positive plan that is empowering and uses identified strengths of the older person and their social environment and utilizes resources (personal, social networks, organizational and institutional) that will be required to support and empower an older person to use the strengths.

Please note: You should use the academic literature to inform your practice plan.
The following questions will help you complete the assessment task.
[DO NOT RE-WRITE THE QUESTIONS.] You may use these questions as sub-headings.

a. What would be the strengths, needs and priorities of this older person and of the significant members in his/her relationships?

b. What are some of the strengths or assets in the social environment including people, institutions and broader socio-political environment?

c. What type of meaningful activities or engagements could you construct with the older person which would be empowering?

d. What would be the best approach for a significant other, social worker or volunteer to utilise in their role working with the older person?

make sure you use SOCIAL WORK THEORIES such as strengths, systems and empowerment approach theory.

– I have also uploaded an in depth story of the older person that was written in the case narrative above (please look at the attachment titled ‘Jeans_story._Seeds_of_Wisdom_Growing’) as well as 2 attachment of lecture slides for you to base this essay on.

-In addition, I have listed below a couple of notes indicating which aspects of this assignment require the most attention and carry the heaviest weighting. (Look at the attachment under ‘Assignment Instructions’)

– You can use headings to clearly structure your paper. Introduction and conclusion is optional.

– Harvard referencing conventions apply. Minimum 12-15 academic references should be used.

use the GENERALIST INTERVENTION MODEL (Miley’s (2013) four step model Intervention Plan) from textbook ‘Miley, K, O’Melia, M, DuBois, B 2013, Generalist social work practice: an empowering approach, 7th edn, Pearson, USA.’

use textbook ‘Hughes, M & Heycox, K 2010, Older people, ageing and social work – knowledge for practice, 1st edn, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.’ as part of your academic referencing. Hence, important pointers should be quoted from this textbook.

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