Social Work Principles

› Social workers should practice with awareness of and adherence to the social work principles of respect for human rights and human dignity, social justice, and professional conduct as described in the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Global Social Work Statement of Ethical Principles, as well as the national code of ethics that applies in the country in which they practice

› Social workers should develop an awareness of their own cultural values, beliefs, and biases and develop knowledge about the histories, traditions, and values of their clients. They should adopt treatment methodologies that reflect the cultural needs of the client

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Social Work Principles
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› Complete informed consents for client, client’s family members, healthcare providers, and members of support network • Typically, the general consent for treatment executed by clients at the onset of treatment for social services includes

standard provisions that encompass providing culturally competent care › To obtain accurate and pertinent assessment information from the client, a social worker should express genuine and

nonjudgmental interest in the client’s health and history

Other Interventions that may be Necessary Before, During, or After Completing a Biopsychosocial-spiritual Assessment › All risk factors should be addressed and resolved or stabilized before biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment takes place