Social Change Project: Social problem and policies

Is social change ever easy? What barriers did you experience during your advocacy? What successes did you experience?

Over the past several weeks, you have analyzed a policy related to a social problem and have advocated for change.  submit your final report and present on your experience and the outcomes of your Social Change Project.

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Social Change Project: Social problem and policies
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To Prepare

  • Write up a final report of your Social Change Project.
  • Create a 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation to present your Social Change project. Within this presentation:
    • Provide a brief synopsis of social problem and policy you identified.
    • Discuss what was accomplished over the past term and the change you made through your social change project.
    • Reflect on your experience. What did you learn? What would you do differently?
    • Explain how policy relates to clinical practice?
    • How will you apply skills advocacy skills as a clinical social worker?
  • Record presentation using Personal Capture (record audio, video, and screen)
  • MSW home page
    Use this link to access the MSW home page, which provides resources for your social work program.

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