Social Science

1. If a client lost her job and could no longer afford to pay you for counseling services, would you be willing to enter into a bartering arrangement if she suggested bartering as an alternative to terminating her sessions? For example, she asked to paint your house or office in exchange for 10 sessions. Why would you agree or disagree?


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Social Science
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2. If a client offered you a $10 gift at the termination session and explained how important it was to him that you accept this gift as a token of his appreciation for your help, what would you do? What if it was a $100 gift?

3. If a client was interested in forming a social relationship with you, what would you say? What if they asked to meet you “just for coffee?”

4. If a client expressed their sexual attraction toward you what would you be likely to do or say? What would you do if you experienced sexual attraction to a client?

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