Social Responsibility Issues

Social Responsibility Issues

Managers in all organizations face diverse and complex ethical challenges as they make decisions regarding employees in the workplace. They face even more difficult conflicts and decisions as the workplace diversifies in size and culturally ethnic backgrounds. Managers who work in a culturally diverse environment must be aware of such differences in values, behaviors, and expectations. Explore the resources below and conduct your own search for resources on social responsibility and ethics.

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Social Responsibility Issues
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Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Review the material

Explore the resources below to begin your inquiry:

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Online Integrated Management Library.

Mujtaba, B. (2015), Management Ethics and Social Responsibility Amid Diversity Across Nations. Open Ethics and Law Journal, 1, pp. 6-7.

Step 2: Address the Following

Support your position and analysis on what steps a manager has to implement in order to achieve good, effective ethical practices and social responsibility across the organization. Keeping in mind the key principles as guidelines, that prove to be effective practices. Do not forget to provide examples.


Step 3: Write a paper

Complete a 400-word paper that includes at least one APA-formatted reference to material from this lesson in response to the above specifications.



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