Social Responsibility Essay

In this essay, students will examine: the role humans play; issues of fairness; and possible solutions to social stratification and inequality as they relate to any topic of their interest (e.g.; stratification and inequality within family, gender, deviance, crime, gender, race & ethnicity, etc.).


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Social Responsibility Essay
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Students will write an essay that is approximately three pages in length. They will upload this essay into Canvas.


The essay format must include: your full name in the header/footer (see above); simple in-text citations where appropriate – i.e. (Chambliss and Eglitis 2019: 89); 12-point font; 1” margins; double spaced. You should add your full citations for each source (the text) immediately after the last paragraph of your report.


Do NOT include any of the following: any MLA or other format header; a separate title page; a works cited page.


In this essay, students must address the following set of questions related to citizenship, social justice, and ecology (related to social responsibility):


  • What role do people play – through their actions and inactions – in generating and maintaining systems of stratification and inequality in society (concept from rubric: citizenship)?


  • What issues of fairness are raised by stratification and inequality with respect to the student’s selected topic (concept from rubric: social justice)?


  • How might it be possible to overcome inequality in the selected topic (concept from rubric: ecology). Students should use at least two theories from Chapter 18’s discussion on social movements and social change (using one micro level theory and one macro level theory).

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