Social Responsibility and Risk Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric

Competency Name: Social Responsibility and Risk
Competency Statement: Apply and understanding of how to integrate the theoretical concepts of
social responsibility and risk throughout the supply chain.
Final Assessment Title: Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Risk Comprehensive Research and
Competency Objectives:
1. Develop an understanding of principles and standards of ethical supply management
conduct, principles of sustainability and social responsibility, and organizational policies.
2. Develop an understanding of ISM Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility and
3. Develop an understanding of the need for communication and training about sustainability
and social responsibility to key stakeholders.
4. Develop an understanding of (1) financial risk; (2) operational risk; (3) brand/reputation
risk; (4) legal risk; (5) environmental risk; and (6) technical risk.
5. Evaluate an organization’s risk exposure with respect to the storage/disposal of
hazardous/regulated materials and related documentation.
6. Develop an understanding of customer-driven requirements, laws and regulations related
to documentation, storage, handling, transportation, and disposal (“cradle to grave”).
Program Learning Outcome(s): N/A
Institutional Learning Outcome(s): N/A

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Social Responsibility and Risk Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric
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