Social psychology Questions

1.On shows like CSI,  the lab workers systematically gather evidence as precisely and error free as possible.  The attribute of the scientific method that best describes this process is:


2.Juan reads about a social psychology experiment in the textbook and feels like it didn’t tell him anything he didn’t already know.  However, when asked to guess the results of another experiment before reading it, he cannot.   Juan’s experience illustrates the:


3.Ralph has two groups of children watch TV. One group watches a show featuring manners and good behavior. The other group watches a kung-fu cartoon. Ralph then measures aggression in school children during recess. What type of research method is being used?

4.What is the major drawback of correlational studies?

5.My friend wants to check out a new bar where I frequently see motorcycles parked outside. I think “great” a room full of big tough guys with tattoos, leather jackets, and beards. I have based my ideas about the people I will meet based on which type ofmental framework?

6.If students think they will be less likely to fail a test than the other students in the class and study less for the exam than they should have, _______________seems to have clouded their judgment and hampered their ability to earn the best grade they could.

7.Our greater fear of flying than driving in a car, influenced by the amount of coverage on the nightly news, can in part be attributed which heuristic?

8.Jessica is given a message by her teacher to take down to the head softball coach. Too embarrassed to ask who she is, Toni looks for the person who is athletically dressed, tall and muscled. Toni is using using which type of heuristic to make her selection?

9.Facial expressions, eye contact, and posture are examples of

10.When I consider Lisa to be a happy person, based on always seeing her react with a smile and a laugh on many occasions, I am basing my attribution on which of Kelley’s co-variation principles?

11.Although there are many unoccupied seats on the subway train, a man decides to sit right next to Yolanda. Yolanda gets up and moves. She probably feels uncomfortable because the stranger has violated a personal zone not reserved for strangers. What concept explains this interaction?

12.The hand signal for “OK”, (Thumb and index finger touching with 3 fingers sticking up) is an example of ?

13.When Danny was recently asked to describe himself to his classmates, he spoke about being a member of the college soccer team and how all the players on our team work harder and are fairer than players on other teams. Danny was making ___________comparisons

14.The Red Cross revamped its slogan recently to be “The Spirit of Togetherness”. To what type of culture were they probably advertising?

15.The sense that the self is competent and effective constitutes one’s__________

16.The thin ideal in advertising has been thought to project a body ideal that is unobtainable for most women. The casualties of the way women are portrayed in advertising seem to have been increases in ________________.

17.By reinforcing children with smiles, hugs, or attention when they repeat things they’ve heard their parents say, parents are using _____ to shape their children’s attitudes.

  1. What theoryexplains how we learn attitudes by watching others?

19.People who are motivated and able to think through an issue are best persuaded by ______processing

20.According to the less –is –more effect shown in Festinger and Carlsmith’s $1 vs $20 study, promising children a big reward for doing what they intrinsically enjoy will________

21.Prejudice is to discrimination as attitude is to

22.Lucia finds her first few years at Farce Inc. are characterized by steady promotion, however once she reaches a mid-management position her climb up the corporate ladder seems to stall. What might explain this phenomenon?

23.When a company hires someone from a particular minority group, just to fill a quota and look “good”, this is referred to as

24.Assuming prejudice stems from conflict between groups is part of which theory of prejudice?

25.When viewing the program on racism in Hollywood it was noted that that there is no one in Hollywood who is black and can “Green Light” a movie (i.e. OK and fund the production of a movie) and very few directors or producers are people of color. This would be an example of which level of racism

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