Social Networking, Mobile Commerce and Online Auctions

Smart phones have changed the marketing scheme by providing a device that connects consumers to the Internet remotely providing for a mobile social market.

The operating systems that power these devices have evolved as the need for getting and staying connected to a global social market increases.

Note the decline of the Black Berry operating system share from 2006 to 2011 as Black Berry remained more of a business application as did windows while Android and Apple focused more on the social connectivity aspect of the market.

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Social Networking, Mobile Commerce and Online Auctions
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The social mobile market has many aspects including Social Networking web sites for shoppers, Idea-based Social Networking and virtual learning networks (Schneider, 2015,. These mobile devices, networks and markets represent the third wave in Ecommerce.

Ecommerce has been placed in the consumer’s hands through the implementation of auction web sites.

Web sites such as eBay solve the most basic of business problems, “How do I get to market?”

Auction websites provide the means to open a global market to anyone with Internet access.