Social Institutions

4. In understanding the Sociological Imagination, which of the following would be an incorrect statement:

a. It is important to understand how the social structures (social institutions) in society can impact our individual choices.

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Social Institutions
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b. It is important to recognize that history has an impact on our individual biography.

c. It is important to recognize that as an individual I have total control of my own destiny.

d. It is important to understand that people from different backgrounds within our society may be oppressed and privileged.

5. What is the main purpose of Social Institutions?

a. To create an infrastructure system throughout the world.

b. To help carry out functions that are crucial for society’s survival.

c. To make buildings, such as prisons, to help society.

d. To create unique differences in the world, so each society is unique.

6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Social Institutions:

a. Institutions have history.

b. Institutions are physical buildings in society.

c. Institutions allocate scarce and valued resources in unequal ways.

d. Institutions constantly change.