Social construction

Social Construction

This assignment provides the foundation for the research essay (Assignment 4) by helping you develop a focus and structure. It consists of three parts: a thesis statement, an outline and a bibliography. Topic Selection Define and develop a topic on one aspect of the social construction of gender addressed in one of the course units. For example, a study of gender performance could involve the analysis of how femininity, masculinity, queer, or transgender identities are constructed in relation to or against socially normative gender practices, and in relation to a particular group or social context. You may examine either the actual practices or the representations of such practices as they appear in popular cultural contexts such as movies or television shows. Instructions Select a topic based on the guidelines given in Topic Selection above. Prepare a tentative thesis (two to four sentences in length) that outlines the central argument of your essay. Prepare an outline of the main sections of the essay. The outline is NOT a summary of the essay. Rather it lays out, in numbered sections, each main point you will discuss as well as the types of supporting details you wish to include. You are advised to use a bullet list and short sentences or point form. Note: Your outline needs to contain enough detail to enable your tutor to assess the focus and organization of your ideas. Prepare a preliminary bibliography that lists a minimum of four primary or secondary resources pertaining to your topic. For the purposes of this Research Essay Proposal, you may not include course materials in the bibliography.

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Social construction
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